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The Chuckster Reversible Boot Cover

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An athletic shoe look that works for both men and women.  It is fully reversible to work with multiple outfits - how awesome is that?   Solid black canvas with white trim on one side, and reverses to light gray with white accents on the other.  

It has velcro access in the back so the boot can easily be slipped on over your medical walking boot. The bottom sole is uncovered so you won't change your gait while you are healing. 

Named after my brother-in-law Chuck, who didn't think we could design a boot cover a guy would wear so he said he would place a $1 in every boot I sold - so I hope I sell a lot!  Tell your friends!!

SIZING: The Chuckster currently only comes in a short standing about 12.5" tall. It fully covers a short boot, and leaves about 2" of a tall boot showing which can easily be covered with one of our specially sized sock cuffs if you desire. PLEASE VERIFY THE SIZE OF YOUR BOOT BEFORE ORDERING. Look for a tag, sticker, or imprint.