A warm and stylish cover for medical walking boot, aircast cover, walking cast cover; super soft and great looking

The Snygg Boot Cover for Tall Medical Boots

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It’s like wrapping your injured foot in a warm, cozy blanket.  We found this super soft, luxurious fabric to create the Snygg boot cover.  When you are recovering from an injury, you need to be pampered.  With bare toes sticking out from a medical boot, you also need help staying warm and dry.  Our boot covers can help.

We love the Snygg because it is so easy to find a similar boot to wear on your other foot. Many women already have an Ugg style boot in their closet. Our Snygg comes in three colors to help. Wearing two similar boots can help minimize the look of being in an ugly medical boot.  It is so easy to put on, and light weight too.  Simply lay over your boot and close the toggles in back.  You already have enough to deal with... treat yourself to a Snygg!

Why did we call it Snygg anyway? Being of part Swedish heritage, and just because it’s fun to say, of course!

In Swedish Snygg means  -Beautiful, pretty, charming, handsome

Pronounce it with your lips puckered ready for a kiss - as in "shnoog"!