Styles for Autumn

When the weather starts to turn cooler, Flaunt Boots has some great options for covering your medical boot in Autumn. You don't have to hide indoors or live with a wet foot.  You can still look great while you recover from a foot or ankle injury.

Cover it!

Our Portland Rain boot cover is water resistant and reversible

Our Snygg boot cover is a warm and cozy

Our Snygg boot covers come in three color choices

Our Little Black Boot cover can make your walking boot less obvious by pairing with any tall black boot you may already have in your closet


We even have warm shearling slippers to cover medical shoes after toe surgery


Accessorize it!

Check out the many accessories we have to personalize your medical boot cover

Change the look of your Little Black Boot with one of our many accessory options. A different look for every outfit!  From belts, bangles, and bling to fur cuffs, fur tucks, or velcro-on cuffs, you'll be sure to find something to suit your style

Dress it!

Here are some great fall outfit ideas to inspire you:


Get out and Flaunt it!