The Snygg Boot Cover for Short Medical Walking Boots

The Snygg Boot Cover for Short Medical Walking Boots

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The Snygg boot cover is a super soft shearling in steel gray.  The short boot cover simply slips on over your boot. Especially made for short medical boots . You can tighten or loosen the leather band on the bottom with two knobs. Roll the shearling down or keep it up - you decide! The stylish look will also help keep your foot nice and warm and protected from the elements.  Medical boots have never looked so good!  

SIZING: The short is designed for medical boots that are 12" tall or under. Because of the leather band at the base, it is important you order the correct size. PLEASE VERIFY THE SIZE OF YOUR BOOT BEFORE ORDERING. Look for a tag, sticker, or imprint.  It really helps if you email us a photo of your boot so we can size the leather at the bottom to best fit.  We want you to be happy with your order!

You'll have to learn how to pronounce the Swedish term for "handsome."  Say it SHNOOG and purse your lips like you're going in for a kiss!