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What size do I choose?

There are many different medical boot manufacturers with slightly different dimensions. We have done our best to make our boots fit the widest variety of medical boots available. Because there are so many varieties, the cover may not fit perfectly snug. That is to be expected. Choose the height "short" for boots that only go mid-calf. Choose "tall" if it goes up almost to the knee. Your boot should have a size either "small" "medium" or "large." Black boots are tagged inside. Aircasts are printed on the back. If you are an XS or XL please send us an email and we may be able to custom make you one!

How do I care for my boot cover?

It is best to spot clean as necessary using a damp cloth with warm water. Do not launder.

Are your boots made in the USA?

Absolutely! We are proud to have our boots sewn in Washington State.

What are "upcycled" accessories?

Many of our accessories are created by altering or combining pre-owned items with new items. We love to promote reusing and recycling as much as possible to keep items out of the landfill. We have carefully curated items with plenty of good life still in them.

What our customers have to say

I had a very formal wedding to attend. I was confined to a wheelchair and had a very unattractive black plastic boot. Dana made me a beautiful off white satin boot cover. I received so many compliments on this boot cover. Highly recommend!


This is 100% the best accessory I have ever purchased in my entire life. No hyperbole! Big thanks to Flaunt Boots. This makes me so happy!


I didn't think they could create a cool boot for men, but Dana really did it!

9Round Boxing

I'm so glad I don't have to wear an ugly boot when out with my clients.


I got so many compliments!  I loved my fringe accessory!


As Seen in


Mario Lopez: Rocking the Old School Chuck Taylor to cover my medical boot!

Mario Lopez of Extra Extra and On Air with Mario chose the Chuckster Boot to cover his medical boot!  He makes it look very, very good!  Thank you Mario!  It was great working with you and your wonderful staff!  Check out his video on Instagram or twitter!



ABC's "The Chew"

Chef Carla Hall is seen wearing our Little Black Boot with a faux fur cuff on her injured right leg. She wore a matching cuff on her uninjured left leg. (December 2017)


Lake Oswego Living

A very nice article about Flaunt Boots in their May 2018 edition.


Best of the Northwest

A nice write up on the Best of the Northwest blog "Faces of the Northwest" (April 2018)

Giving a Helping Hand

Custom Designs


Custom Ironman-inspired Boot Cover

Anne said:  "This is 100% the best accessory I have ever purchased in my entire life.  No hyperbole!  Big thanks to Flaunt Boots.😍This makes me so happy!"  Then she added:  "I am getting SO MANY comments on this and I'm telling them all about Flauntboots.  Thank you so much!  It's giving my recovery a boost of funπŸ’“"


Custom black boot cover with tassle

Even an injured ankle won't slow you down when there is a day of wine tasting ahead!   This black boot cover was made just for her short aircast boot with a nice tassle accent.


Carhartt fabric boot cover

For the guy who works outdoors a lot, this boot cover made of durable water resistant fabric did the trick!


9 Round Boot Cover

9Round PDX Fitness Lake Oswego August 16 ·

Check out my stylin' boot cover.
Thanks Dana easy to put on and looks awesome.


Mesh Athletic Boot Cover

John Van Leeuwen 

Thank you Dana Hennelly for my awesome boot cover! ...Pretty neat idea... I'm told this design will be standard and is called the "JVL"πŸ˜œπŸ‘. I hope you never break your foot or ankle but if you do you may as well Flaunt it!


Contact us if you have a need or great idea for a custom boot. We are happy to work with you!

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